Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thom Yorke Superband at Echoplex right now [Twitter-review]

The first twitpic of Thom, Flea and company at the Echoplex right now. Wish I was there but I'm also content being at home, following the excitement via twitter and text messages and watching the Dodgers come back in the 7th inning (better not strikeout Manny). The Echo/Echoplex is my favorite venue but I'll patiently wait for the Orpheum shows. Word on the twitter street is taht rick rubin, ellen page, daft punk, kim gordon from sonic youth, zack de la rocha and muse are in the house. This is my first major event that I'm using Twitter to follow (besides the last earthquake and the sonic boom in SoCal) cuz its real time, bad cuz its mostly people just saying "I wish I was at Thom Yorke" I wish there was a BS filter so I can just get good twitpics, setlists, etc. Get on that Internets!

Sweet...Manny strikes out again. Good job buddy.

[UPDATE: Some audio...via twitter! Not bad...thanks random dude! Harrowdown Hill]

1. The Eraser
2. Analyse
3. The Clock
4. Black Swan
5. Skip Divided
6. Atoms For Peace
7. And It Rained All Night
8. Harrodown Hill
9. Cymbal Rush

Encore #1 [Thom solo]

10 Open The Floodgates
11 Lotus Flower
12 Skirting On The Surface
13 Judge, Jury, Executioner

Encore #2 [with band]

14 Paperbag Writer
15 The Hollow Earth
16 Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

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