Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SETLIST: Pitchfork, Live Nation, Azoff Tweets

How Pitchfork Struck a Note in Indie Music [Time]  - I definitely agree that Pitchfork has become a force within the Indie Music scene...yet I hardly ever read any of their stuff.  My outside view is that alot of fans find their reviews either uber-critical or too gushing.  Either way, Taste-makers like Pitchfork are clearly getting more and more important.

Live Nation posts a second quarter loss on sagging ticket sales [LA Times]  - Uhoh,  maybe the revenue from live shows won't save the music industry.  Then again, this is for the quarter leading up to the end of June.  Perhaps the 3Q Summer numbers will be more telling.  I still feel like they should be reporting Shell Oil kinda numbers with all those damn fees they rape us with.

OMG! Ticketmaster head Irving Azoff throws down a Twitter gauntlet [LA Times]  - I love when old people try out new technology and totall embarrass themselves :)  You have to give it up for old Irving.  He's worked hard and built quite a nice little empire there for himself.  Nonetheless, seems like a total a**hole.  If you want to read more about the rise of Irving and behind the scenes of Ticketmaster/Live Nation monster, check out David Segal's article from the NYT, Calling Almost Everyone's Tune.

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