Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ticketmaster is trying to make friends...

Looks like Ticketmaster is trying play nice nicer.  Not only are they now BLOGGING (not sure who gets to do that job...or who came up with the blog name, Ticketology) but they have also started a few practices that they are alleging to be "for the people".  First off, those hated TM fees that we all hate will now be included right off the bat in the very first ticket price you see when looking for tickets.  This would lessen the instant hatred that erupts every time we see that ticket price grow as we proceed through the purchase...but its still there!  Additionally, some shows will have an interactive map that allows you to select your exact seat.  That will be nice but only really useful with shows that are slow way would I take my time handpicking a seat to a Radiohead show that would sell out instantly.  The third and last change is rather interesting.  Apparently they are now offering a 3 day window for you to return your tickets (provided its not less than 1 week before the show).  This will be interesting to see how scalpers play with this.  Who knows if any of this will benefit the consumer but at least its a nice change to see them even seem concerned with the audience.

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