Wednesday, August 18, 2010


[NY Times]
It is a debate that has become increasingly common as technology has redefined the notion of what is “urgent.” How soon do people need to get information and respond to it? The believers in the group say the drumbeat of incoming data has created a false sense of urgency that can affect people’s ability to focus.
Matt Richtel raises an interesting question...are we better or worse off today with the deluge of emails, cellphones, and digital everything?  Like every philosophical question, I'm sure the answer is a very complicated yes and no.  I guess two steps forward and one step back is better than no steps forward though, right?  

Related to this, I've wondered how us music lovers are staying afloat among all this "free" music that is so easily accessible.  First off, there has to be more music out there since its easy for just about anyone to create and distribute these days.  That probably just means more crap to wade through.  Then of course the ease of collecting music means my iTunes library is getting increasingly bloated.  I probably currently have 90+ GB's of music and I'm sure a quarter of it I've yet to hear.  But I'm not complaining.  Despite all this noise, I definitely feel more satisfied and totally happy with too many options and too much music.  And the benefit to the artist?  Increased revenue from all these concerts I'm into thanks to world wide webosphere. 

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