Friday, September 29, 2006

My Dream: The Future of LA Mass Transit?

Metroblogging Los Angeles: The Future of LA Mass Transit?
Can you imagine if this was reality? LA, already the greatest city in US (I think I believe that...yes I do) would become the greatest city in the world. Sadly, I know for a fact that I will never live to see such a Los Angeles, let alone see the day where something even remotely close to this plan would get approved. I'm happy with my Expo Line...I take what I can get. Oh well, still fun to dream of hopping on the Tube station here in the MDR and taking it to...oh I don't know...ANYWHERE?

EDIT: Looks like EXPO Line construction is getting underway as of today...(ending in 2010)
· Metro Expo Line Construction Begins Friday [CBS 2]

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