Monday, September 25, 2006

Nike Run/Hit/Remix

Ran the 5 mile (not 5K) Nike Run/Hit/Remix today at the LA Coliseum. Despite learning YESTERDAY that it was a 5 mile run and not a 5K (3.1 mile run), I still had a grand time. Can't beat listening to some of the greatest bands of the 90's performing every mile all while running around the ghetto that is the USC community with 10,000 other sweaty people. Plus we all got to wear matching shirts...

The lineup:
Debbie Gibson (at the Starting Line) *good way to get us to run away fast
Young MC (Mile 1)
Vanilla Ice (Mile 2) *best peformer of the morning - go Robbie Van Winkle
Coolio (Mile 3) *nobody stopped to watch him...poor Coolio
Digital Underground (Mile 4)
De La Soul (Finish Line in the LA Coliseum) - Buddy (.mp3)

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