Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stupid Monkeys...

"THE KILLERS singer BRANDON FLOWERS believes RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE is wasting his talent as a songwriter. The JENNY WAS A FRIEND OF MINE star wishes Yorke would stop writing experimental rock and return to the style of radio-friendly 1990s hits such as CREEP and KARMA POLICE. "

I bet he was one of the 20 people at the Greek yelling for RH to play Creep (to which Thom responded, "Stop yelling for Creep you monkeys!"). And is it me, or does he look a lot like Ross "the gay intern" from Jay Leno?

Regardless...I like the jackass's music...
The KillersWhen You Were Young (Thin White Duke Edit) (.mp3) - buy

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