Friday, September 29, 2006

Sonic Youth:Wiltern:Sept.28/2006

I had a great time at the Sonic Youth show courtesy of Jen and her FREE tickets (courtesy of LosAnjealous...THANKS!). I've been wanting to see them forever and ever but without the urgency of really NEEDING to see them. I actually had the chance a few months back when they opened for Pearl Jam at the Forum but I was late and not to upset about it. With SO much music to listen to these days I've realized that getting to know a band or a cd is like watch TV shows on DVD or know they will always be there so you can enjoy them when you have time. I think this makes for a much more enjoyable experience cuz you aren't feeling forced. Anyways, they were very good and their sound always reminds me of some Seattle grunge scene from the past (where as PJ kinda moved out of that in my opinion).

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