Thursday, April 07, 2005

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Ah...27 flat inches of The View

Free Flat Screens for Becky

At long, long is the day. Today I received my 27" Sony WEGA TV for FREE courtesy of and my 8 dear friends. I'm sure I annoyed plenty of people, but in the name of poverty, it was all worth it. Now I have a very large place to rest my free ipod courtesy of and 5 other dear friends.

In a normal-sized apartment, the fact that it's quite heavy and quite large would be considered a good thing. In my half-a-dorm room of an apartment...well, the TV is quite a dominating force. Let's just say I now feel like I live in one of the theaters at the Beverly Center...but with less room. If only I had enough room to entertain my 8 generous referrals.

If anyone (especially my 5 and 8 dear friends) are interested in following through on these deals for themselves, let me know...I have much experience and wisdom to impart. The keys? The $10 Blockbuster trial and the free eFax offer. And oh yeah, make sure your referrals have unique IP addresses.

Free iPods for Steve

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