Sunday, April 10, 2005

Movie of the Month: Kung Fu Hustle

I was pretty excited when I saw that the Shaolin Soccer people were coming out with a new movie this month. I really thought Shaolin Soccer was great...hilarious characters, great action sequences with Matrix-like special effects and an enjoyable story.

Well I got to see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday and it was fantastic. Like SS, Kung Fu Hustle had even more hilarious characters (such as the 'fairy' tailor/kung fu master above) and exciting and original fight scenes (again with Matrix-like special effects). Even better than SS, Kung Fu Hustle had a very solid plot...above and beyond what you would expect for a kung fu flick. I mean now that I think about it, watching kung fu movies is like watching porn: the viewer expects a laughable plot that is just a vehicle for what the people pay to or fighting. But in this case (even moreso than SS's better-than-average plot) the audience gets an actual movie plot. You get good guys vs. bad guys, a small love story, some plot twists, some underdogs...and of course ample action and comedy. Good times...good times.

Apartment 9 Rating: 9/10 Thumbs Up

[yeah yeah yeah...I know, sounds like I'm trying to be some sort of Gene Shalit. Just thought I would try to write something a bit more professional. I have to submit a writing sample soon for a publishing internship I'm applying for...perhaps I'll post it for criticism.]


beckminder said...

9 out of 10? what would you rate 'seabiscuit'?

eric said...

9/10 sugarcubes. what would you rate BioDome?

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