Friday, April 29, 2005

My Gift to Myself: Canon Powershot A510

So I made somewhat of an impulse purchase yesterday...I bought me a brand, spankin' new digital camera. I've been wanting a nice one for a long time now and I found a good one at a good price ($170...thanks Dell!) so I bit the bullet. Besides I deserve it :)

Oooh and I just realized I'm almost 6 days away from my half birthday (Cinco de Mayo)...yet another justification for buying myself a gift. Cuz on your half birthday, who else will buy you a present other than yourself?

I decided on the A510 after checking out ... a great site with extremely thorough reviews of digital cameras. Not only does the site have detailed description of every aspect of the cameras and links to the best prices but it also has a pretty cool quicktime VR tour that lets you rotate each camera so you can see every angle. This of course comes in handy for that friend who only buys a camera because its "cute" and comes in "my favorite color RED!"

UPDATE: Got the camera and I made the right choice. The Canon A510 is a great camera for anyone who wants to mess around with some of the manual settings and pretend they are Ace from the LoveBoat (ooh, my first Ted McGinley reference...nice!) And for $170 you aren't going to find a smaller function with such great features. I get by with the 3.2 megapixels but they have a 5.0 megapixel version (the A520) for a bit more.

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