Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Thank you UNC Tarheels!! Thanks to you and my blindfolded picks I shall be collecting a grad student bonus this year. Gambling winnings make a poor student's life worth living. PLUS, I get to pretend that I know more about college basketball than 88 other people despite the fact that I only watch 3 games all year (all UCLA games). Today's Lesson: Don't turn down entering next year's March Madness pool just cuz you don't have cable, live in a foreign country or cuz you would pick teams based on uniform color...cuz those are the people who win.

Bling Bling!!


Cathy said...

Dang, you so gansta...these winnings you speak of...will they be contributing to a "Going to Guad" fund or at the least a "Buy Cathy nice things" fund? haha. Congrats again. Maybe next year I'll win. wooohoooooo!

pamcakes said...

Freakin' Wake Forest!!!!

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