Friday, October 08, 2004

It just can't get any better...

Wow...went out to watch the Dodger game at SPORTS here in Bloomington (a sports bar, go figure)...and low and behold, what to do I get to witness? None other than Brad from the Real World San Diego hosting some greek date auction. It was quite the treat...Brad getting drunk and eventually dropping lyrics to a Snoop Dogg song with the "auctioneer". This was followed by Brad greatest remark of the night (yes better than his "come on y'all this is for the kids"): "This is the tightest auctioneer I've ever met". What a sad, sheltered life Brad must have I have met many auctioneers that were WAY more tighter than the auctioneer of tonight's festivities. Then at the next bar I got to witness an incredible drunk middle aged man try to steal the last bit of our pitcher of beer and then stick his finger down a girl's crack as she sat perched on a stool. Good times. I feel like I'm at Maloney's every time we go out here. I'm old and I'm proud...down with the undergrads!

1 comment:

pamcakes said...

Hands down you have me beat. I think you had me beat and any other thursday night beat with the middle aged man and the crack story.

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