Thursday, October 07, 2004

Trip Highlights (NorCal Chapter)

My trip to Oakland/Emigrant Wilderness/SF:

  • Hiking from 9am until 7pm with numerous ascents is very painful...especially in the rain...and especially when you expect below freezing temps at night.
  • Campfire cooking is pretty good. PB sandwiches after hiking for hours are delicious. Instant oatmeal ain't so good...makes me feel like I'm in the middle ages. Oh yeah, and beer and pizza when you get home after hiking all day...that's the BEST!
  • Sleeping in a two man tent isn't THAT bad...until the guy starts snoring or spooning you least I hope it was inadvertant.
  • Drinking filtered water from a lake is kind of cool...tastes kind of good when you are really thirsty...but then it leaves a chlorine taste in your mouth. Mmmm...swimming pool water.
  • Cal has a Gardening Tools Library...from which you can check out tools like hoes and pitchforks. Classic Erik (my camping buddy)...borrowed a pitchfork and owed months of late fee's. Finally had his girlfriend return it so as to avoid the wrath. Apparently "that German guy" is now banned from the Gardening Tools Library. That can't be good...
  • White Water Summer...could be one of Kevin Bacon's finest movies. Erik was raving about it ('one of the best bad movies ever!')...and I think I must agree. Of course any film shot in Yosemite can't be all that bad...just mute it. We also ended up watching The Edge filmed in I think technically we "camped" for more than 24 hours.
  • Erik does a great impression of a certain japanese (?) pothead roommate...
  • Tailgating at Candlestick Park (now MONSTER Park) is fun and freezing. Learned that if you run out of bread for your BBQ, you can slice open your chicken breast and put the remaining sliver of bread inside...kinda like an inside out sandwich.
  • Found out that you can enter the Niners game pretty easily by hurrying through the "Entertainment" entrance and pretending like you know what you are doing. Then again, who the hell wants to go to a Niners game?!?

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