Friday, October 22, 2004

Supreme Court Justices

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"One issue that has been totally absent from the campaign is the Supreme Court. The median age of the justices is 68. No spring chickens here except for Clarence Thomas, a mere stripling at 56. Here are the current justices.

Justice Appointed by Sworn in Age
Stephen Breyer - Clinton 1994 - 66
Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Clinton 1993 - 71
Anthony M. Kennedy - Reagan 1988 - 68
Sandra Day O'Connor - Reagan 1981 - 74
William H. Rehnquist - Nixon 1972 - 80
Antonin Scalia - Reagan 1986 - 68
David H. Souter - Bush 1990 - 65
John Paul Stevens - Ford 1975 - 84
Clarence Thomas - Bush 1991 - 56

It is very likely than multiple vacancies will occur on the Court in the next four years. The court will undoubtedly have to rule on cases involving abortion, the Patriot Act, and other divisive issues. If you are an undecided voter, think carefully about which candidate would make better appointments to the Supreme Court. Furthermore, a president makes far more appointment to the appellate courts than to the Supreme Court, and they hear far more cases per year. If you approve of the appointments Bush has made to the appellate courts, surely you want to give him the chance to make more. If you don't approve, maybe somebody else should be doing the appointing. The next president's appointments could shape the country for decades to come. It is at least worth discussing. "


Mister Underhill said...

How do you figure it's nonsense?

It is a serious issue and one of the ost lasting actions a president can take. Not te chief justice is STILL the one appointed by nixon.

If there is too liberal of a supreme curt you will see lots of guilty people walk, criminal rights, etc. and if it is very conservative they can easily overturn roe vs wade or go too far in the wrong direction with ivil rights.

eric said...

I agree with you...that's why I posted the quote to my blog. The random title of my blog has absolutely nothing to do with anything really...hence it is in itself nonsense. For instance, I didn't assume that your blog was purely about the street signs on the corner of 14th and Minna... ;)

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