Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Saturday in Watts

Building Houses in Watts with the Koreans

Spent last Saturday doing something I've been wanting to do for ages: Habitat for Humanity. It was a lot of fun even though no cranes or bulldozers were involved. All we got to do was paintingg molding on two neighboring houses...but it was fun and rewarding nonetheless. I was quite proud that while most other people were there with work or church type groups, I was there with 3 of my oldest and bestest friends just for the hell of it. (Although we were outdone by the girl who showed up all by herself). Even better was the fact that I think hanging in Watts helped with my friends insecurities about being in a more 'urban' environment. (The houses had a view of the Watts Towers). I highly recommend everyone chipping in once in awhile.


my lollipops are sweeter said...

this is really inspirting. you've actually inspired me to organize a habitat for humanity party for my birthday in may this year. :)

my lollipops are sweeter said...

ps- how do you sign up to help out. i went to the website but am kind of confused. did you each have to fill out a form and do you get to request areas/dates to help out? how did you do it? haha. duh, sluts cant figure stuff like this out on their own. thanks dude. (you can email me if that's easier at

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