Monday, March 27, 2006

Tim McKenna - March Madness Nostradamus

Who would have guessed that UCLA, LSU, Florida and GEORGE MASON of all the teams in the NCAA would make this year's Final Four???

Tim McKenna, that's who!

Mr. Tim McKenna is in sole possession of 1st place on the worldwide leaderboard over at Yahoo's March Madness Tournament Pick'em. Now he's not perfect (he's missed 16 games total so far and didn't go 15/16 on day one like yours truely)...but guessing that final four...well that's damn impressive. So impressive in fact that people on the Yahoo messageboard are obsessed with the man, the myth, the legend...

Little Known facts about Tim McKenna
by: ZagsWinBig (gallatin01)
Mar 27 4:02pm
I sat by him in Algebra--

He's a decent baller, but can't go left

The guy just knows the game. Too hard too describe here--

will smith cast as tim mckenna
by: bracketology101 (blade91812)
Mar 27 4:14pm
in the up coming movie tim is god

Chuck Norris once
by: Hugh Jasscock (
Mar 27 4:15pm
jump backwhirl spinkicked George Mason upside the cabeza dropping him like he was Bobby Kennedy, only to have him rise up scream "Tim Mckenna", then proceed to beat the shit out of ole Chuck

Tim McKenna is all that is wrong with our country.
by: I Rule (waviclesdammit)
Mar 27 4:19pm
Our young people used to be able to look around them and see wholesome, good values taught wherever they looked. And today's young people look around and all they see is 50 Cent and Tim McKenna.

Tim McKenna
by: Bracket Busters (eaglesnfl52286)
Mar 27 4:21pm
I think Tim McKenna may have just passed Chuck Norris as the greatest person at life. Tim has become the Buddha of college basketball. Actually, he probably just found some way to cheat. Eaither way, that's still cool.

by: Bracket Busters (eaglesnfl52286)
Mar 27 4:23pm
Tim McKenna went back in time and deflected all three bullets aimed at JFK with his bare hands. He then told JFK that he picked George Mason to go to the Final 4. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement

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