Thursday, March 09, 2006

Officially, It's Officially Official

In the eyes of the University, I'm officially a Doctor!

Phase I: Publicly defend my dissertation - DONE (Jan. 19, 2006)
Phase II: File dissertation with university - DONE (March 9, 2006)
Phase III: Leave Campus/Get a Job - ????

Woohoo! As of 4pm today, I'm officially Mr. PhD. It didn't quite hit me until I was called Dr. twice by 2 strangers (the people who helped me file). I've been called Dr. by my friends and family but they always smile or laugh afterwards. This time, two complete strangers said, "Here you go Dr. Walker" with straight faces. Of course, then I started to crack up.

The other interesting thing was seeing all the other dissertations that were being filed. Part of the process is going to the dissertation adviser at the library archives to have her go over the strict details of your dissertation (margins, pagination, etc). The adviser, who has the reputation of being the Dissertation Nazi ("No thesis for you!"), was actually very nice. I can see why she could get all cranky in her little room which was literally filled to the ceiling with vanilla envelopes bursting at the seems with thesis' (Thesi?). Good thing she doesn't have to read them all. But I I was saying, seeing all these other disseratations was pretty amazing. I mean, here's mine sitting on her desk next to a computer science one on wireless networks in moving vehicles. Or there was the nice girl behind me in line turning in her english thesis on "queer" literature in the 1920's. My point is, isn't it interesting that so many people like myself can waste so much of their lives on such random topics???


my lollipops are sweeter said...

That's hot! congratulations!!!!!

ps- jobs are not hot. im just sayin.

Cathy said...

Would you really consider yourself "Mr. PhD" or would it be repeately redundant to refer to yourself as "Dr. PhD?" Hmmmmm, Dr. Dr.?

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