Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things to do before I die: SXSW

So I SHOULD be going to Austin, TX this week for the SXSW but alas, I was a bit late in setting up any travel plans. Dang, and it would have been the perfect time now that my schedule is completely wide open. I've always wanted to go so hopefully I can make it in the near future when listening to unsigned bands while eating free BBQ and drinking free beer all day long is a desirable thing. (Does that ever become UNdesirable?? If so, I don't want to see 31). In honor of the festival, I decided to post 5 my newest, favorite lesser known bands:

Bravo Silva - Strawberry Blonde (mp3)
*i don't know who they sound like...they just sound good.

Editors - Munich (mp3)
*lead singers voice reminds me of the male vocalist of Dead Can Dance (minus the goth)

Hot Chip - Making Tracks (mp3)
*bits of Daft Punk, Beta Band...good grooves, but I like their mellow stuff mostly.

Nightmare of You - I Want to be Buried in Your Backyard (mp3)
*I guess they sound like young, Emo kids...but more melodic, less whine

Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives (mp3)
*I've run out of adjectives...they are grrrrrrrrrreat!

**If you like any of these bands, support them by buying their music or seeing them live. I don't mind anyone sticking it to the major labels, but you gotta help out the little guys**


Preetadelic said...

I was just surfing the blogs and I came across your site. I like your muscial selections. Nightmare of You is a band I just discovered also. I love this song and also "Will You Marry Me". As for the Editors. I love their music. It's perfect for reading on rainy Sundays or overcoming writer's Block (happens to me a lot).
South BY Southeast seems very fun. I am hoping to make it there one day. But my main goal is to make it to the Glastonbury festival asap. Thanks for the interesting read!

Cathy said...

well, hopefully it'll still be around. at least it wasn't like my list..."number one thing to do before i die, mardi gras"

jacque said...

not the best filmmaking, but hopefully captured some of the energy:


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