Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Damn You Jeff Samardzija

Well, my weekend trip to Chicago and South Bend started on Thursday night and ended on Sunday afternoon. This means that I can safely say that out of a possible 63 hours of fun, I had an amazing trip for exactly 62 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds. Who stole those 30 seconds of joy from me?
Jeff 'friggin' Samardzija that's who. Or was it? Actually, I'm gonna pardon that punk for now and point the finger at Offensive Coordinator Jim Svoboda. So all in all, I'm blaming anyone with an F'd up last name. Feel free to let Jim know how you feel about his decision to run straight up the middle on the last possession at

But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Highlights from the weekend include:
  • A Bruin-filled Southwest flight from LAX
  • Matt forcing the flight attendant from her spot in the back by destroying the bathroom even before we took off
  • Playing hold 'em poker using Southwest peanuts as chips
  • Staying at the trendy W hotel on the lake (for only $150...thanks
  • Going out until 4am (I heart Chicago)
  • Packing into Dave's Tundra and driving 2 hours to South Bend and MISHAWAKA!
  • Checking out Casa Nguyen/Francisco - homeownership rules!
  • Rockin' Friday night in the Bend: TGI Friday's, Walmart and Trivial Pursuit until 1AM


We had an amazing tailgate (within 200 yds of the famed stadium) and an all in all amazing game (our seats were SO close). I don't feel like talking about what happened in the actual game anymore so go read about it somewhere else.

The post trip highlight...of course, getting on the airport shuttle from Budget Rental with the one, the only... Gallagher (and his mallet of course). Coincidentally we were all chewing watermelon flavored bubble joke.

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