Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UCLA +14...take 'em!

"The Bruins and Fighting Irish (5-1) are meeting for the first time in 42 years, with Notre Dame having won both previous games -- 27-12 in 1963 and 24-0 the following season."

Been waiting for this one since it was added to the schedule about 2 years ago (I think). The weekend has finally arrived. I fly Thursday from LAX to Chicago and will be driving to the mighty South Bend (yes, that's in glorious Indiana) on Friday to prepare for what looks to be a somewhat chilly tailgate come Saturday morning. We've got 7 Bruin fans in our immediate group and 4 tickets - anyone got extras? Looks like we'll be ponying up $200 each for the last few. Why oh why would anyone pay that much money to watch UCLA play #10 Notre Dame? I don't know either but I just may be one of those people. Something about the tradition and history of Notre Dame. I mean, they have Touchdown Jesus for Christ's sake (pun intended). Should be a good time no matter the outcome. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Bruins take the Irish on a last second QB keeper TD (as he's pushed into the endzone by Chris Markey).

Speaking of the UCLA QB...check this out:

Complicating things for the Bruins this week is a freak injury to backup quarterback Patrick Cowan, who will make his second career start Saturday. Coach Karl Dorrell said Monday that Cowan got punched in the throat while being sacked, causing him to lose his voice on the final series. Dorrell relied on receivers to shuttle plays to the huddle and communicate them.

On the trip back to Los Angeles, Cowan's throat swelled up and he coughed up blood, Dorrell said. Cowan was under a doctor's orders not to speak Monday.

So what if Cowan has little or no voice come Saturday in noisy Notre Dame Stadium?

"We're going to have to find a means of communication," Dorrell said.

That can't be good for the team...

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