Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to see The Killers...

Going to see The Killers on Saturday at the Wiltern...better be good. This is my first attempt to see them since getting denied at the Troubadour a few years back when they wouldn't let us pick up our tickets using our friend's ID. The will call girl (who no longer works there) is still on my list of people I would snipe if I ever went crazy (also includes my high school basketball coach, all parking citation officers and my two crazy Italian neighbors from 2 apartments back). Anyways, I'm not expecting much from the "dewey" Brandon Flowers (Pam thinks he's "dewey"...i have no idea what that means). I wasn't very impressed with their live performance on SNL but felt better about it after some of their songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live (and they defintely aren't the best actors). Here is my favorite song from their new album 'Sam's Town':

The Killers - "Read My Mind"
(.mp3) - Buy it
courtesy of Orangejello Lemonjello - check out their review of Sam's Town (All filler, no killer)

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