Friday, October 27, 2006

the Autumns

Ah favorite time of the year (or atleast it used to its kinda tied with winter, spring and summer). Autumn ranks in my top four seasons because I'm a fan of that special autumn feeling that somehow develops out of crisp weather, football and basketball seasons, thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), November (my favorite month), my birthday (Nov. 4) and the beginning of snowboarding season. (Note: As a Californian, "autumn leaves" don't mean much to me)

Apparently Autumn also inspires more than just some lonely blogger. as evidenced by the band The Autumns. I randomly first saw The Autumns open for another band (no recollection as to that band's name) at The Whiskey back in 1998 or 99. My roommates gf was old schoolmates with band #2's lead singer who coincidentally was dating the lead singer of The Autumns, Matthew Kelly (a Ryan Phillippe lookalike). In any case, I was blown away by the "shoegazing" melodies, the guitarists' range from subtle to powerful, and above all the lead singer's vocals. I've since bought their 3 LP's and 2 of their 5 EP's and seen them perform live a number of times. (Pissed I didn't go to the Troub show last week)

Apparently they are finishing up their latest album...their first since 2004. Looking forward to it...

The Autumns - Sunblush (.mp3)

The Autumns - Boy with the Aluminum Stilts (.mp3)

The Autumns - Cattleya (.mp3)
The Autumns - The End (.mp3)
The Autumns - Slumberdoll (.mp3)

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