Friday, October 13, 2006

Kasabian & Mew @ The Fonda/Oct.11 '06

Went to see Mew open for Kasabian at the Fonda last night. Mew were great as always but I definitely think they shine a bit more when they when they played by themselves at the Troubadour awhile back. The 2003 Band of the Year in Denmark would generally be placed in the Indie or Progressive Rock category but sometimes the band thinks of themselves as "pretentious art rock". Yeah...I'd go for that. Especially considering the psychedelic animations they have playing behind them during their shows.

Kasabian, named after Linda Kasabian (a member of the Charles Manson cult), hails from England (not Glendale). They seem to fall under the electronica-indie rock fusion category...if such a category exists. All I know is, it makes me move my feet. Remind me a bit of the Stone Roses. Plus, they apparently have bigger egos than Oasis. Check out this quote and others from Stereogum:

“Look at our single ‘Empire’. We’re possibly the only band apart from Radiohead that changes tempo with a new single we’ve put out and no band dares do it, you know. We’re like a futuristic Led Zeppelin man with strings on, and electronic on it. ... We gave Radiohead a good run [at the V Festival]. I mean, you’re talking about a band that’s been around for about ten or twelve years, they’re massive and we just put our next single out. That’s all we’ve done and it was incredible. The response was wonderful. It was almost as if we were headlining the whole festival."

Kasabian - L.S.F. (.mp3)
Kasabian @ MySpace
Mew - Comforting Sounds (.mp3)
Mew @ Myspace

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